This post is contributed by Ms. Sephora Abidat


In the ever-evolving landscape of international dispute resolution, the First Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) Vietnam Conference held in Hanoi emerged as a crucial forum for legal professionals, scholars, and experts to delve into the intricacies of arbitration. The conference, marked by insightful discussions and meaningful exchanges, provides a platform to explore the role of arbitration in addressing contemporary global challenges.

Arbitration in Focus:

Arbitration, as a method of resolving disputes outside traditional courtrooms, took center stage during the conference. Experts from diverse legal backgrounds gathered to discuss the advantages of arbitration in fostering efficiency, flexibility, and neutrality in dispute resolution. The deliberations underscored the importance of establishing a robust framework for arbitration, aligning with international best practices.

Key Themes Explored:

  1. Legal Frameworks and Best Practices:

Participants engaged in in-depth discussions on the legal frameworks governing arbitration, emphasizing the need for harmonization and clarity. The exploration of best practices aimed to enhance the effectiveness of arbitration processes, ensuring a fair and impartial mechanism for resolving disputes.

  1. Technology and Arbitration:

The intersection of technology and arbitration emerged as a key theme, with experts exploring the impact of advancements such as the blockchain and artificial intelligence on dispute resolution. The discussion highlighted the potential for technology to streamline arbitration proceedings and enhance transparency.

  1. Investor-State Disputes:

The conference delved into the complexity of investor-state dispute resolution, addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with safeguarding the interests of both investors and states. Insights were shared on the evolving dynamics of investment arbitration in the context of international trade agreements.

  1. Regional Perspective on Arbitration

Participants examined the unique challenges and opportunities associated with arbitration in the Southeast Asian region. The discussions emphasized the importance of tailoring the arbitration process to suit the cultural and legal nuances of the diverse jurisdictions within the region.

Impact on Legal Landscape:

The insights gleaned from the PCA Vietnam Conference are poised to have a lasting impact on the legal landscape, influencing the way arbitration is approached and implemented globally. As nations strive to create more robust legal frameworks for dispute resolution, the lessons learned from this conference will likely shape future policies and practices.


The First Permanent Court of Arbitration Vietnam Conference in Hanoi provided a valuable platform for stakeholders to engage in meaningful dialogue on the nuances of arbitration. By fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and addressing emerging challenges, the conference contributed to the evolution of arbitration as a vital tool for resolving disputes in an increasingly interconnected world. As the legal community continues to navigate the complexities of international relations, the insights gained from this conference will undoubtedly play a part in shaping the future of arbitration in Vietnam.