Restructuring refers to the procedure of reorganizing and reconfiguring a business in order to improve its condition and accomplish its objectives. The overall objective of restructuring is to enhance the business’s effectiveness by aligning it with its existing mission, vision, and strategic direction. A thorough restructuring initiative encompasses various aspects, including the organizational structure, human resources, management and operational procedures, activities and processes, as well as other resources of the business.

Restructuring involves evaluating and reorganizing one or several parts, or the entirety of an organization, typically a company.

According to restructuring theory, it is important to not only assess the functional management activities and their respective tasks but also focus on refining the processes spanning from raw material sourcing to production, marketing, and distribution. The company, therefore, must undergo a series of processes.

Below we delve into certain economic and legal aspects in relation thereto. 2403 VTN_Company Restructuring

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